AA MINORITY REPORT 2017 (revised)

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Saturday, 22 April 2017

Lambeth Beginners Step (Monday)

Our correspondent writes:

LAMBETH BEGINNERS STEP CHIP 7pm St Anne's and All Saints Church, Miles Street. Attendees at the Friday group you mention [See our Cult Where to Find GB] (South Lambeth Beginners Big Book Study 7pm St Anne and All Saints) below have to attend the Monday group too - same format (Vision), same sponsors ….. same 2 names (Nick and Lewis) given as contacts. You can't mention one without the other! They go hand in hand and attendees must attend both Monday AND Friday meetings where the tiny group of sponsors hold great influence and sway. Woe betide you if you share anything but joy - pain is most definitely not allowed!”

They go on to mention the “control and strange daily rituals” prevalent in these groups (Miles Street and the Ashmole meeting) together with the “daily torrent of phone calls starting early am and going on till late … as they [newcomers] ticked off their duty to call 2 newcomers a day. It felt like harassment and I stopped going to AA”.

Fortunately our correspondent reports that they subsequently discovered REAL AA, found a “sensible sponsor” with some REAL experience of REAL recovery and now participates in “very happy NORMAL [our emphasis] step based recovery”.

Comment: Of course you can't blame newcomers for their conduct. They don't know any better. If all you were exposed to was fear based recovery (which, after all, is what the cult is all about) then you'd start doing weird stuff as well! With its never ending list of do's and dont's (we're surprised the cult haven't added the prohibition 'don't step on the cracks in the pavement or you'll drink' to their already extensive list of mostly absurd rules) it's hardly surprising that newcomers exist in a state of almost constant fear of relapse. The fact is that your average alcoholic having once grasped the essential truths that if you drink you're fucked EVERYTIME, that you'd better stop FOR GOOD, and that if you think otherwise you're totally BONKERS can stay sober EASILY... It's a piece of cake.... It doesn't require ANY EFFORT at all .. you can do any damn thing you want as long as you keep your shit together (with or without a god in your life) and leave the sauce alone. You can practise any damn programme you feel like (or none at all). You don't NEED a sponsor or HAVE to write endless (very boring) gratitude lists, pester newcomers, shave every day (we kid you not!) and all the rest of the stuff that the cult parade as being the “essentials” of recovery. Willingness, honesty and open mindedness are all that is required as far as we know... and that's not too difficult is it! So lighten up! Seize the carp (as in carpe diem), have fun, fuck up a few times and enjoy the ride! (Ooooh! What terribly unsober language!!)


The Fellas (Friends of Alcoholics Anonymous … and all round anarchists!)

PS Thanks to our correspondent

Friday, 14 April 2017

Purley (cult) meetings .. the medication issue …. again!

Here we go … again! Will they never learn?? 
We were recently contacted by a member from the Wimbledon area who told us that the Purley cult group is sending “out 'reps' to other meetings telling members that they are not sober if they take medication such as anti depressants.” Apparently the issue is going to be raised at the local intergroup (London South West .. so good luck with that!). 

 Our correspondent continues:
There was a recent incident of one girl who was told to stop her anti depressant by one of these 'reps'. As a result of coming off her prescribed medication this girl tried to take her own life and is now recovering in hospital and does not want to go to AA. In fact her mother has contacted the General Service Office and seeking further advice. This just cannot be allowed to happen and is NOT AA.

The[re] is a leaflet on AA and medication which clearly states we do not give advice but there is a growing number of people who are doing just that and not adhering to the traditions and principles of AA. More worryingly they are blaming others who have expressed concerns and spreading malicious gossip. And as we know gossip is a killer. The yellow card is being broken time and many people are not feeling safe in these Wimbledon meetings.”

Does any of this sound familiar? .. 'Fraid so... The 'nutters' are still out there carrying the 'disease'. For their edification (if no one else's) here is the relevant (conference approved) leaflet: The A.A. Member—Medications and Other Drugs 

(You've got to wonder if any of these jokers can actually read! Maybe sign language?? Two fingered salute perhaps!)


The Fellas (Friends of Alcoholics Anonymous)

PS Our correspondent wanted to remain anonymous not only for the usual reasons (ie. traditions)....but also concern about 'reprisals'. So not only 'nutters' but thugs as well... business as usual!

Tuesday, 21 March 2017

Cult meetings update: Beckenham and Notting Hill

We've been told that the Beckenham Wednesday night meeting has reverted to AA (but we're going to leave it listed in our Cult directory for the UK anyway. Members will easily be able to tell if it's AA or not ie. absence of dogma, nobody issuing orders etc etc)

On the other hand you'll find no end of 'suggestions' at the Notting Hill Vision for You venue on Friday night. Here you will be told what you can and cannot share (even being interrupted in mid flow so we're told! Spot the control freak!). Of course this approach has absolutely nothing to do with AA. Pure cult!


The Fellas (Friends of Alcoholics Anonymous)

PS Thanks to our correspondent

Thursday, 16 March 2017

Cult meeting notice

More details (not mentioned on the AA website): the group is part of the Road to Recovery franchise ... Sharing MUST centre on sponsorship .. remember in the cult the Higher Power IS your sponsor ..oh! ... nearly forgot! No FUCKING swearing permitted!

What a load of bollocks!

The Fellas (Frigging Friends of Alcoholics Anonymous)

PS For other cults in AA check out Primary Purpose and Back to Basics (the latter a nice little earner!)

Saturday, 14 January 2017

Minority Report 2017 (Alcoholics Anonymous): "Synanon Cult influence on Alcoholics Anonymous, Addiction Treatment and the Criminal Justice System 1968-2017"

The latest version of the Minority Report submitted: 12.01.17 to GSO (Great Britain) for consideration as a topic for Conference 2018

Authors: Members of Alcoholics Anonymous resident in Great Britain



Comment: In due course we will be disseminating this report via a number of routes to other agencies throughout Great Britain (and the US) for their consideration. This is a matter of substantial public interest.

The Fellas (Friends of Alcoholics Anonymous

Wednesday, 2 November 2016

Campaign launched!

As promised we have initiated a campaign with the aim of establishing contacts with ALL the main referring agencies (national and local) to AA based in Great Britain. In order to facilitate this process we've acquired a number of data bases and estimate the project should be completed within two years.

Our objectives:

promote AA as a recovery method based on life long abstention from alcohol in any form and any quantity “one day at a time” suitable for some alcoholics (or alcohol addicts);

highlight some of the pitfalls newcomers may encounter when joining the fellowship eg. sexual predation, bullying (institutionalised in the case of the cult), prescribed medication issues, religious fundamentalism and dogma versus spiritual practice etc and suggest some strategies they might employ to avoid them;

encourage referring agencies to subject the AA service structure (General Service Board, General Service Office, regions, intergroups etc) to a more detailed and searching scrutiny than may have been the case previously pointing out in particular the absence of a coherent, consistent and effective complaints procedure (attributable in part to a widespread misinterpretation - and misapplication - of AA's traditions specifically Tradition Four);

draw attention to the risk of potential litigation (and other actions) arising out of breaches of the professional duty of care owed by such agencies to their clients when referring them to AA (eg. prescribed medication issues).

Hopefully the above will encourage more sufferers to contact AA whilst ensuring they enjoy a relatively 'hassle' free recovery, and, as importantly, prompt the fellowship to take more seriously the abuses outlined above and take decisive action to remedy these deficiencies.


The Fellas (Friends of Alcoholics Anonymous)

Thursday, 13 October 2016

Missing a moral 'compass'?

Have you ever encountered members who seem to have completely mislaid their ethical or moral 'compass' (if they ever had one in the first place)? You know the type ….. they'll happily lecture everyone else on how to practise the programme 'right' and then do the precise opposite themselves. People like David B (founder of the Joys of Recovery and its various offshoots - didn't have a sponsor but insisted everyone else had to have one!), David C (took over the reins after the welcome demise of David B - a grade A religious bigot and control freak – last seen down El Cerrito way spreading the 'disease'!), Wayne P (sponsored by Clancy – a serial philanderer – he seems to have a big problem keeping his trousers on), Clancy (Pacific Group - likes to play the big shot with a sideline in shaming others … in other words … a thug!), Wally P (a serial monogamist who runs Back to Basics – a nice little earner), Joe and Charlie (Primary Purpose – yet more control freaks who liked to bore AA members into recovery with their incessant lecturing), Mike Quinones (serial sexual predator who ran the Midtown Groups – also sponsored by Clancy) not to mention AA's innumerable (and growing) army of recovery 'experts' eagerly mimicking their efforts as they busily rush about organising AA (?) 'workshops', churning out yet more audio files on so-called 'fast track' recovery, each one desperately seeking the attention of anyone with a few bucks to spare, and the poor judgement to pass them in their direction...... You have! We thought so ….. And then you must have wondered what kind of guy would behave like that? What must possess them? Are they stupid? Or are they just sick.... or sicker than the rest of us? Well wonder no more …. all will be revealed – specifically Narcissistic Personality Disorder DSM-5 (pp. 9-10)


The Fellas (Friends of Alcoholics Anonymous)

PS An update on our new campaign to be published shortly …. we've been very busy behind the scenes!