AA MINORITY REPORT 2017 (revised)

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Friday 8 April 2016

Regarding the so-called Six Daily suggestions.....

We quote:

From what I have learned recently this phone conversation happens a quite a lot around the cult meetings that promote the so-called “Six (or more, depending on the cult group) Daily Suggestions”. These “suggestions” have been made up by the cult and are foisted upon the unwary and unfortunate newcomer. This is how it goes....

Cult member rings newcomer.
Newcomer answers phone.
Newcomer says: “Hello”
Cult member says: “Hi. I'm just ringing you to complete one of my 6 daily suggestions. Bye.” (Cult member then hangs up phone)
Newcomer is left confused and pissed off at the unwanted intrusion.

This is what happens when a list of daily tasks, made up by a cult loony, supposedly based upon the Steps, but which in fact is not AA approved or endorsed, The performance of these tasks or suggestions becomes nothing more than a banal chore. Naive cult members in early days who have little or no experience of the Steps or the real program of AA, are ordered to 12-step newcomers over the phone when they are clearly not ready to do any such thing. Some cult members have been known to ring newcomers at ridiculous times in the morning e.g. 6am, or even earlier, thus disturbing sleep and the family members of the newcomer. I am told that Happy Dennis in London is a particular offender. It was reported to me that he rings people up at ludicrously early hours of the morning and recites his cringe-awful “poetry” to them. His rhyming rubbish is comparable to the sort of doggerel you would find in the cheapest box of Christmas crackers at a bottom bargain basement shop. Something you read with embarrassment and want to throw away as quickly as possible. He also sends “happy clappy” texts to AA contact numbers he finds in Share magazine for new meetings that are set up around the country (cult or non-cult). In my opinion he is a pest and has no right to send people unsolicited messages to strangers. I understand from one AA member I know in another part of the country that at least one of his texts has been answered with a firm “ f””k off, you nutter” Apparently Happy Dennis has concocted a Daily Suggestion card which contains a lot more than Six Suggestions. Next time I am in that area of London I will try to get my hands on one of his cards. As soon as I do I will scan it and send it to you guys. I also understand that group money (which is AA money) is used to pay for the printing of these cards.

The Six (or more) Daily Suggestion card is a fraud perpetrated on the newcomer. It is not AA literature. It never will be AA literature. In fact it contradicts AA literature. Handing this card to the newcomer in the name of AA is misrepresenting the fellowship and the AA program to the newcomer. Nowhere in AA literature does it say we have to “get on our knees” twice per day. Nowhere does AA say we must ring 2 newcomers every day. Nowhere does AA say we have to have 2 home groups. Nowhere does AA say that we must do everything a sponsor says. Nowhere does AA say we must read the Just For Today card every day. Actually, the whole point of the Just for Today card is to practice it, not just to read it. Someone still drinking could be reading the Just For Today card and still fulfil one or more of the six daily suggestions !

None of the longest sober people known to me do the Six Daily Suggestions. Why” Because you don't need to do them in order to stay sober, and 99.999% of sober AA members would testify to that. The Six Daily Suggestion card complicates the program for the newcomer. It creates for him or her a daily burden which becomes nothing more than a tedious and banal check-list to be completed in order to win approval from a group and a sponsor. And therein, I believe, lies the true purpose of the card. It is all about recruitment to a group/gang/cult in AA. Doing repetitive tasks assigned by a leader is one of the hallmarks of a cult.

Thanks to the aacultwatch team for their work in exposing the cult nonsense that is weakening AA and destroying its reputation. "


The Fellas (Friends of Alcoholics Anonymous)

PS Thanks to our correspondent

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